The Illusion of the ‘Hollywood Heart Attack’: How Symptoms Can Differ for Women

woman heartWe’ve all seen the footage in Hollywood films. One moment the actor is shouting, waving his fists in anger, and the next, he’s clutching his chest, groaning in agony and sinking to the floor. It’s precisely this media interpretation of a heart attack that has led to so much confusion about the actual nature of the symptoms.

Heart Attacks in Women

In particular, women’s heart attacks manifest themselves in a very different way. Men are more likely to experience the typical ‘crushing’ pain in the chest, combined with a gripping sensation and breathlessness.Women, by contrast, are more likely to experience nausea. They’re also more likely to experience warning signs beforehand. These include:

  • Unexplained tiredness or physical fatigue
  • Breathlessness
  • Insomnia

Raising Awareness

It’s vital that more women become familiar with the warning signs of heart attack. Although pain may occur in the region of the chest, it’s more likely to initially manifest as tightness or numbness in the surrounding area, even in the left arm.

The medical profession has finally got to grips with female heart attack (until recent decades, many leading practitioners didn’t acknowledge that women could have them!) and now it’s time that the general public did the same.

What to Do if You’re Worried About Your Heart

It’s important to be aware of any unusual symptoms that you might experience. Of course, tiredness is often explainable, particularly if you’ve been doing long hours at the office without a break. However, if you’re still regularly exhausted, even after a good nights’ sleep, this should be taken as a warning that something more serious may be occurring in your body.

If you’re concerned about any aspect of your heart health, book an appointment with a professional heart specialist, such as the team at Brandenton Heart Center. It’s likely that there won’t be anything seriously wrong with you, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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