Think Young People Don’t Have Heart Conditions? Think Again

When you’re young, you tend to enjoy relatively good health, and as a result, it’s easy to take it for granted. Whilst most young people won’t experience heart problems, that doesn’t mean that these types of conditions only ever affect the elderly. In fact, there are many heart conditions that can affect you, regardless of… Continue Reading

Can Technology Really Improve the Health of Your Heart?

In recent years, there have been significant advances in technology. One of the most recent emerging trends is wearable devices; most significantly the Apple Watch, which is due to launch this year. These wearables make some fairly substantial claims when it comes to health. Many have a pedometer function, enabling you to monitor how many… Continue Reading

Blake Medical Center Announces 2015 Doctor of the Year

Congratulations to Dr. Alphonso A. Belsito, MD. Dr. Belsito was chosen as Blake Medical Center’s 2015 Doctor of the Year. He is Board Certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and is a Fellow of the American Gastroenterological Association. We also want to give special congratulations to our very own Dr. Christopher Davis, MD.… Continue Reading

Heart Attacks in Men and Women: They’re Not the Same

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), heart disease is the leading killer of Americans. It has also been estimated that nearly one in four men and women who suffer from heart disease or heart attacks will die from their attack. But are heart attacks the same in both men and women? This question… Continue Reading

Supermarket-Savvy: How to Read a Food Label

Anyone who has looked at a modern food label already knows that these labels contain a lot of information. Some people might argue that they contain too much information as they can sometimes be confusing. To help better understand these labels, let’s look at some of the more important fields. Top Of Label The top… Continue Reading

What’s that Sound: Heart Murmurs

Most people have heard of heart murmurs, but not know exactly what causes them and how they can be treated. A trained physician can hear a heart murmur using nothing more sophisticated than a stethoscope. The murmur is caused as blood moves through certain areas of the heart. The human heart has four chambers: two… Continue Reading

My Doctor’s Robot: The Benefits of Robotic Surgery

There was a time when robotic surgery was the stuff of science fiction stories. Not so anymore. But, before we get too carried away, the term robotic surgery needs to be defined more clearly as these procedures are not (yet anyway) exactly what many people think they are. Robotic surgery is also known as robotic… Continue Reading

Eat as Though Your Life Depends Upon It – Because it Does

Lifestyle plays an important role in the health of your heart. This is particularly true of your diet. The phrase ‘we are what we eat’ is certainly apt when it comes to minimizing risks of heart disease; and choosing to consume unhealthy foods on a regular basis can greatly increase your chances of encountering heart-related… Continue Reading

The Why, How and Where of Nuclear Stress Tests

A nuclear stress test is used to monitor the flow of blood to your heart. It measures both the flow when your heart is at rest, and also when it’s under exertion, or when you’re taking medication. Under normal circumstances, the test takes two sets of images of the heart, which provide specialist doctors with… Continue Reading

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