Does Saturated Fat Equal a Heart Attack? New Research Suggests Not

saturated fatFor years, we’ve been told that saturated fat is the enemy… or at least when it comes to the health of our hearts. Doctors have continually advised against a diet rich in meat, cheese and butter, suggesting that it dramatically increases risk of developing heart disease.

However, recent research conducted in 2014 suggests that actually, medical practitioners might be pointing the finger of blame in the wrong direction.

Research Shows Saturated Fat Not Linked to Heart Disease

According to the study, which was published in the Annuls of Internal Medicine, there is no link between those who consume larger amounts of saturated fats and chances of developing heart disease. The same was also discovered when examining the effects of monounsaturated fats, such as olive oil.

Dr Rajiv Chowdhury, the leading author of the study and a cardiovascular epidemiologist at Cambridge University, states: ‘My take on this would be that it’s not saturated fat we should worry about in our diets.’

Time to Start Eating Lots of Fat?

Before you start rustling up a burger or two on the BBQ, a word of caution. Scientists examining the evidence are urging people not to see this research as a ‘green light’ to start consuming more saturated fats.

As Doctor Hu, professor of nutrition and epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health states: ‘I think future dietary guidelines will put more and more emphasis on real food rather than giving an absolute upper limit or cut-off point for certain macronutrients.’

What Should You be Eating?

If you want to maintain a healthy heart, it’s advisable to keep eating as much fruit and vegetables as you can, plus wholegrains. In addition to this, there is evidence to suggest that following a Mediterranean diet can offer health benefits; and that eating moderate amounts of nuts and extra virgin olive oil can actively help to reduce the risk of heart attack.

If you’re concerned about the health of your heart at all, or you’d like to talk to a professional heart specialist about your diet, simply get in contact with Bradenton Heart Center today. You can call the team at 941 794 3999.

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