Can Yoga and Meditation Really Help Improve the Health of Your Heart?

yoga2Yoga and meditation have been practiced for hundreds of years across the world, and are both valued as useful means of enhancing health at an emotional, spiritual and physical level.

However, it is only in recent years that scientists have discovered that both these practices can be specifically good for the health of your heart too.

Yoga and Cholesterol

Scientific studies have revealed that practicing yoga on a daily basis can lower your LDL (bad cholesterol levels) and help to lower high blood pressure. Additionally, they discovered that maintaining a yoga routine for an extended period of time can help you improve your HDL or good cholesterol levels by a significant margin. All these factors combined can lower your risk of suffering from heart diseases.

If you examine the practice closely, you’ll notice that yoga is actually a combination of 3 different aspects – meditation, breathing and various postures.

It’s likely that the postures provide muscular benefits, which in turn, also helps in processing blood sugar and improving aerobic fitness. However, as scientists have shown, muscular benefits are only one part of the broad range of benefits that you can derive from yoga.

Meditation – Relieving Stress

It’s actually the meditation and breathing aspect of yoga that is significantly responsible for bringing down the body’s stress levels. A person who does yoga and meditation on a regular basis is constantly lowering his/her blood pressure, respiratory rate, heart rate and stress hormones. All of this is good news when it comes to avoiding heart disease.

Furthermore, yoga plays a key role in enhancing the natural metabolic rate of the body, reducing inflammation and improving the way in which body naturally reacts to the stress, not just during the yoga session, but throughout the day. These facts were outlined in a study that was published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology in November 2014.

Heart Chakra Health?

A number of other studies demonstrate that meditation has the ability to improve heart health. A report issued by the American Heart Association showed the significant benefits of meditation in people suffering from atherosclerosis. In fact, there’s a specific kind of meditation regime known as ‘Heart Chakra’ meditation that is targeted at improving the heart health.

While meditation and yoga alone do not guarantee that you’ll avoid heart disease, incorporating both into your lifestyle is certainly likely to bring about some significant health benefits. If you’re concerned about the health of your heart and would like to talk to an expert, simply call Bradenton Heart Center today at 941 794 3999.

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